>Most web-based email sites are poorly designed and will not function with

Here are my observations about some web-based email sites that do work
well with Arachne:

http://www.telebot.com  This site works great with Arachne whenever the
                        site is up.  The site is frequently down.  Some
                        ISPs refuse to accept messages sent from Telebot.
                        You might need dozeware to sign up.

I signed up with Telebot without dozeware, but that was over a year ago.  I used
OS/2 Lynx.  I think I used Arachne to view something from Telebot, but normally
use POP3, rarely SMTP.  Mail server often is not reachable.  Is Telebot infamous
for spam?  They stated they had a zero-tolerance policy on spam.

Somebody in newsgroup alt.support.food-allergies complains about spam coming
from bigfoot.com:

In article <398a2dbb$[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   "RS" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Posted from bigfoot.com, a notorious spamsite (I now block all email
from there without exception).  Complete with an inconsistent Message-ID.

> ASTHMA STUDY. Participants wanted. If you or a member of your family

I don't think we want to block Richard Menedetter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>!  He's no

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