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>If you've got a spare harddrive, you can simply
>transfer BasicLinux to the harddrive and boot 
>>from there.  That will give you a permanent Linux
>installation (which won't lose your changes when
>you turn off the power).

Hello Steven, All,

first thanks for helping- 
Remember I am a newbie. When my new hd is say E: with Linux-partitions 
howe can I transfer BasicLinux to it and boot from it (I will avoid
a bootloader and all that stuff)?. Does it mean booting BasicLinux with
boot.bat from dos to a RAMdisk, copy BasicLinux to the hd, cd to the hd
and doing a "reboot" on that -Hey, I am a newbie I can ask stupid :-).
An other thing: Most of the software on my CD(Go!Linux), also basic stuff,
is rpm BasicLinux can not handle that. Is there a modul or prog. that can
handel it under BasicLinux.
Thanks for helping

regards Joerg  

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