Joerg Bartels wrote:
> When my new hd is say E: with Linux-partitions
> how can I transfer BasicLinux to it 

If the drive is your third HDD (master drive on the 
secondary IDE cable), then the partitions on it will 
be /dev/hdc1, /dev/hdc2 and so on.  If the drive 
hasn't already been partitioned, you can use fdisk 
in BasicLinux to do this.  The Linux partitions 
then need to be prepared with mke2fs.  For example 
'mke2fs /dev/hdc2' will put a Linux filesystem on 
the second partition.

> Does it mean booting BasicLinux with boot.bat 
> from dos to a RAMdisk, copy BasicLinux to the hd, 

So far so good.  Tar is the best way to copy an entire 
filesytem.  Mount the destination HDD on /mnt.  From 
the / directory, tar up everything except /mnt and 
/proc (with the tarball sent to /mnt).  Like this:
tar -cvf /mnt/copy.tar /bin /dev /etc /lib ...     
All of your directories should be in this line 
EXCEPT /mnt and /proc.

Now cd to mount and you should find a nice big tarball 
there (copy.tar).  Before you forget, mkdir proc 
(Linux just requires a /proc directory -- it will 
automatically put kernel stuff in it).  Then:
tar -xvf copy.tar
That's it.  The entire filesystem has been copied over.
cd out of /mnt        umount /mnt           reset

> and doing a "reboot" on that

To boot the filesystem on the HDD, use DOS to edit
BOOT.BAT.  It should look like this:
loadlin zimage root=/dev/hdc1 rw
This assumes you copied BasicLinux to /dev/hdc1.
If you put it on a different partition, change
the c1.

> Most of the software on my CD (Go!Linux), also 
> basic stuff, is rpm BasicLinux can not handle that. 
> Is there a modul or prog. that can handel it under 
> BasicLinux.

Yes, rpm2targz will convert the rpm to a tar.gz.
I'd be happy to send it to you, it's only 2k in
size.  It should work fine with BasicLinux, but
I've never used it there, so perhaps I'd better
test it before sending it to you.  Send me a
private email if you want it.



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