Kali wrote:
>Other list members have expressed disappointment with the program, but
>the reason was not expanded upon.

AFAIK there are two reasons:

1. No images
2. Not all files are converted

Images can be retrieved with another utility - but I don't know of a way to
reuse them in the correct places.

>Apart from the lack of images, I have
>found the main trouble is that many .pdf files cause problems with
>rendition that seems related to filename lengths encountered during
>unpacking. The program *sometimes* works!
>Any suggestions?

Yeap, put gunzip in your path, I've recompiled the latest version (it was
the latest version when I compiled it anyway <g>) but haven't had time to
change the xpdf090.apm (or add gunzip.apm - which is better IMHO since some
people have gunzip already).
Anyway the "old" version, actually the same version but my compile is
somewhat smaller due to a new DJGPP version, can be found at

There's also PDFTOHTML
http://www.ra.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/~gosho/pdftohtml/ but I haven't
attemtpted ro compile it for DOS (yet anyway).
http://bernie.arachne.cz/ DOS programs, Star Wars ...

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