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From: Michael Polak <
Subject: Re: CONFIRMED: ARACHNE is destructive!

> > the PPP login failed. When Arachne collapsed upon itself, the contents
> > of my C:\DOS directory were erased and DONOTPAN.IC! was created. 

I also confirm:
*   C:\DOS is the default directory for TEMP in MS-DOS 6.20
*   Until about 2 years ago, I hadn't noticed or changed it.

   I normall run Arachne with TEMP set to a RAM disk, but this is not
where my autoexec.bat sets it on boot-up. I don't need a RAM disk for
much except Arachne. Then my TEMP is set to C:\TEMP, where I have been
storing other temporary files for other programs.

   I also was dismayed when my ENTIRE C:\TEMP collection was wiped out
when I ran ARACHNE without invoking the RAM disk (and its TEMP directory).

   I was NOT HAPPY !   I never am when I learn something the hard way.
The lost files cannot be replaced. They were unique music files, recorded 
- not downloaded.

        Please write a built-in fail-safe for C:\DOS, and is it possible
for ARACHNE to only delete its own files ?  I will not be the only one
to be caught out by this.


Ron Clarke  http://homepages.valylink.net.au/~ausreg/music.html
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