Hi list,

the fine program printgfd.exe has been sitting on my hard disk for
quite some time. I usually print graphics only with my word
processor. So I did not use printgfd.exe very often, but it is good
to have.

A long time ago someone on the list found out how to use that
program in order to print BMP from Arachne. That time I was not
entirely convinced of the results. Now, after having spent a couple of
hours with the program interface and documentation I finally got the
program to do what I want:

It prints all virtual pages (BMPs) fitting horizontally to A4 paper
on as many pages as necessary.

1. Arachne plug-in to print pages graphically

The mime.cfg line is (everything on one line):

----------- mime.cfg --------------------------

file/printbmp.dgi    |@call grafprt.bat
4prt.bmp $r \n del _4prt.bmp


The batch file I wrote for this task is a bit complicated as
Arachne's internal variable $r does not hand over the actual
screen width, but the screen width in pixels minus the width
of the  scroll bar (is there a reason why?). The script
grafprt.bat reads:

------------ grafprt.bat -------------------

@echo off

rem --- 1st parameter is the name of the bitmap file ---

set fname=%1

rem --- 2nd parameter is horizontal width of the bitmap ---
rem --- scroll bar width is 10 pixel ------

for %%i in (629 640 789 800 loop640 loop800)
do if "%1"=="%%i" goto %%i  ---- one line! ---

goto done

rem --- the labels 629...800 call the program again ------
rem --- and hand over beginning of vertical sections -----

grafprt.bat %fname% loop640 0 700 1400 2100 2800 3500

grafprt.bat %fname% loop800 0 900 1800 2700 3600 4500

rem --- label loop640 prints a page <=640 pixels ---

if "%1"=="" goto done
i:\appl\grafprg\printgf\printgfd.exe %fname% /AA320,%1,640,800
choice "more? [y/n] " /C:NY /N
if not errorlevel 2 goto done
goto loop640

rem --- label loop800 prints a page <=800 pixels ---

if "%1"=="" goto done
i:\appl\grafprg\printgf\printgfd.exe %fname% /AA400,%1,800,1000
choice "more? [y/n] " /C:NY /N
if not errorlevel 2 goto done
goto loop780



When you call printbmp.dgi (a button should be on prtbmp.ah)
Arachne shells out and the program prints the first section
of the screen. Then asks you if you want another section etc.
The height of individual sections depends on resolution of the

Any way to improve or shorten that script?

2. Limitations

The solution above is restricted in several ways:

a) printgfd.exe is rather slow

and the printing cannot be done in the background. So it may
be not a good idea to print pages during an online session.
If you want to print them later offline you have to make sure
that all the pictures are still in the cache.

Speed can be also increased by changing the program's
settings in a trade-off against print quality.

b) you cannot print every page,

but only those which Arachne automatically converts into "virtual
pages". Virtual pages are a somehow luxury performance feature that
costs precious memory and can be configured on the option page.
It also requires at least 256 colour mode.

The possibility to send the bitmap to a printer emerges as a
spin-off of that luxury feature. Unfortunately printing will not work
when needed most: on long pages that take much time to read. In those
cases even high end systems will not provide the neccessary amount of

I wonder whether there is a way to force Arachne to create a virtual
page, though I assume that the backward / forward keys and clearing
the cache can be helpful. Anyway, as the length of the page grows,
the memory required climbs to astronomical size.

3. Questions

In my understanding the main problem is that Arachne attempts to
load the whole page into one giant bmp file that can be easily
scrolled. This is the basic idea of virtual page. But for printing
this is not necessary. A printer is able to receive data continuously.

Is there a way to create virtual pages gradually from top to botton
and to pipe the output to a graphical printer program?

Is there a way to force Arachne to generate a virtual page? Perhaps
she could create some kind of spool or swap file on the hard disk in
order to extend the range of printable pages?

Christof Lange


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