If you don't mind receiving a suggestion from me, I'd add something:

AS Mr. Orr says, perhaps the best info. available on how webmasters
should make their sites accessible to all and everyone, not all are
willing to change their view just because there is a "tiny community
on the web who wants to be able to browse with outdated browsers"
(answer I once got when asked a site to re-design to be more
Opera/Arachne/Lynx compatible)

You could give it a personal touch, however, which I believe would
make it nicer and more attractive for a webmaster to redesign his/her
site to enable everyone...
First, try it with Lynx. If you can't access the site (as I am 90% 
sure will hapen) you can then answer them you are blind and are thus 
forced to use an old "text only" browser for those kind are the only 
ones your text-to-speech program can read from,
so "upgrading" to a graphical one would leave you unable to get
anything useful from the web unless your spouse/ a friend /someone
helps you at every step...

You could then add that recently you were perfectly capable of reading
everything at their "wonderful" (be sure to add this!!!) site, but have 
had a lot of troubles recently...

Few WBs. can resist that.

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