On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 14:47:43 -0600, Glenn Gilbreath Jr. wrote:

> Hello Fellow Arachnephobes!

Ain't no arachnephobes here, matey! We are all Arachnemanes (-maniacs?).

> 3.  Install and use Arachne 1.71 UE01...if your ISP will not provide you with
> the needed settings to get connected, FIRE THEIR ASS!  Get another ISP dammit! 
  There are

You ring their help line and ask:
(a) do I need a fixed IP address or is it dynamic?
(b) what DNS name servers do I need?

Have nothing to do with the ISPs who want to send you a floppy with an
automatic setup program.

> "a spade a spade".  It does absolutely no good to chit-chat amongst ourselves
> about our inability to access this or that on the web with Arachne.

Agreed! Instead of talking about what is wrong, we should be looking for
ways to get Arachne to work around these problems.


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