This is why you need to block 'arachne-list' at arachne.cz

All 11 copies of the new 'SoBig worm' came from arachne-list.
(as did the 3 more that just came a few minutes ago)


And this is an even more important reason.

We have just lost one of our best friends as a list member. :((((

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 3:26:30 +0300, Or Botton wrote:

> I have been subscribed to the Arachne mailing list for several years now.. and 
> its my time to depart.

> I still love DOS, I still like Arachne, and I still use it - these are not the 
> reasons for my leaving.

> The reason also has nothing to do with the fact I havent posted here for 
> awhile.. (ok, over a year, possibl

> The reason is simple: spam.

> 90% of the spam I get is being routed to me via the Arachne mailing list 
> somehow. I'm not sure how helpful this is going to be, but I decided to drop off 
> the list to help my the daily battle against tons and tons of spam. I just cant 
> take it anymore - all the advertisments for cheap viagra and what-not...

> Feel free to E-Mail me. Since the address that I am sending this letter from is 
> being taken over by spam I have turned into using a new one regulary:

> winterk  AT   barak  DOT  net  DOT  il

> See you on the DOS side of things... :)

Goodbye for now Or........ we will miss you.


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