Hi since I'm fairly new to ArangoDB I have a couple of question regarding 
clustering and replications. It seems that the documentation is not really 
clear on those topics:

   1. What is the purpose of having a cluster in ArangoDB since the 
   replication is not enabled but default and thus the failover would not make 
   any sense there. Is the idea to have a shared data store all instances in 
   the cluster should have access to?
   2. Since the replication model can be either sync or async what about 
   the replication factor on a collection. So the replication needs to 
   configured on each database individually, and the idea to set the 
   replication factor on the collection level? My understanding is that 
   changing the replication factor on the collection level would make the 
   replication to be sync, but what if the database replication is in a async 

I have an additional question about arangosh. Tried to configure an async 
replication on a database and got this error:

JavaScript exception in file 
'/usr/share/arangodb3/js/client/modules/@arangodb/replication.js' at 209,7: 
ArangoError 1470: replication API is not supported on a coordinator
!      throw err;
!      ^
stacktrace: ArangoError: replication API is not supported on a coordinator
    at Object.exports.checkRequestResult 
    at waitForResult 
    at setup 
    at Object.setupReplication 
    at <shell command>:1:34

Any idea what could have caused it? I'm on the latest 3.3.3 version with a 
cluster up and running on 3 different machines.


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