Bartłomiej Piotrowski <> on Fri, 2016/09/16 21:44:
> Actually, why don't raise the bar higher? SSE2 has been introduced in
> 2001 – that's 15 years to upgrade one's hardware and given my sad
> experiences with computers, I find it hard to believe anyone has that
> old PC that happens to run Arch.

I do. Running Arch Linux on a bunch of informational room displays...
These are based on Geode CPUs and I am pretty sure no SSE2 is available.
(Taking a look at /proc/cpuinfo these devices do not even feature SSE... The
CPU identifies itself as i586.)

That said I will be able to handle that myself. ;)
Possibly I will have to do local rebuilds of webkitgtk2 to make surf run on
these devices from time to time.
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