On 19/09/16 19:05, Christian Hesse wrote:
> Bartłomiej Piotrowski <bpiotrow...@archlinux.org> on Fri, 2016/09/16 21:44:
>> Actually, why don't raise the bar higher? SSE2 has been introduced in
>> 2001 – that's 15 years to upgrade one's hardware and given my sad
>> experiences with computers, I find it hard to believe anyone has that
>> old PC that happens to run Arch.
> I do. Running Arch Linux on a bunch of informational room displays...
> These are based on Geode CPUs and I am pretty sure no SSE2 is available.
> (Taking a look at /proc/cpuinfo these devices do not even feature SSE... The
> CPU identifies itself as i586.)
> That said I will be able to handle that myself. ;)
> Possibly I will have to do local rebuilds of webkitgtk2 to make surf run on
> these devices from time to time.

If we adopt SSE2 in any form, you will need to rebuild your entire
system to use it.  It will be used in optimizations everywhere.


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