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> Hi,
> Eli and I disagree about how dependency conflicts should be handled when
> packaging.  This was prompted by the libxfont dependency conflict arising
> from recent xorgproto changes [1].
> My position in this case: it would be really easy to avoid this conflict,
> by adding libxfont to the Replaces() array of xorgproto.  This would cause
> libxfont to be automatically uninstalled upon sysupgrade, which is nice
> because it's an obsolete and now-useless package.

I saw the direct emails before this one, so I'll just quote part of my reply

Replaces is for when packages are renamed, nothing more. That is NOT in any way
what happened here, libxfont and libxfont2 are different libraries. Should GTK3
replace GTK2? Qt5 replace Qt4?

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