> Baptiste Jonglez <bapti...@bitsofnetworks.org> hat am 14. Februar 2018 um 
> 10:19 geschrieben:
> Quite frankly, the packaging issue itself is minor, I was just surprised
> of the way it was handled: spending time to close several bug reports
> about the issue and telling people that they are stupid [2], instead of just
> fixing the issue in the first place.  It goes against (my idea of) common
> sense.
I was initially surprised by the force of the reaction you linked, but then saw 
this was a response to the *eleventh* request. That makes it a natural response 
to people being relentlessly obnoxious.

About the package itself, I agree that if libxfont2 were an *actual* 
replacement of libxfont, then the corresponding field should be filled in. 
According to upstream [3], the API/ABI is however entirely different, with 
according .so names. As such, you'd make use of packages the rely on the old 
API impossible solely for a short-term convenience.


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