Archival of all packages between September 2013 and December 2016 is finished:


Here is some documentation on this "Historical Archive" hosted on archive.org:


Happily, we were able to provide download redirection from orion to this
Historical Archive.  This means that e.g. 
should continue to work fine, even though the actual packages are served
from archive.org.

To provide this, we only need to keep an archive of the database files on
orion.  This represents around 50 files per day of archive, while the
packages themselves represent about 25k hardlinks and symlinks per day of
archive.  So that's a real saving of inodes!

Please test things out and let me know if you encounter any issue! (other
than "downloading from archive.org is slow", because it indeed is)

If everything works well, Florian will delete the old packages on orion in
a few days.


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