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> "Enter password to unlock you login keyring
> The password you use to log in to your computer no
> longer matches that of your login keyring."

If it asks for the password of the login key ring, it'so probably trying to 
store some confidential information (certificates, passwords, …) in there. The 
keyring is a secure place for Applications to save such data. On creation of 
the user account, the login key ring gets encrypted with the initial password 
the user used. As soon as you change that password, the password of the login 
keyring and the user account password don't match anymore, so your login 
keychain can't be decrypted upon login. Users usually don't notice this, until 
an application tries to use the login keychain. Then that popup message 
prompting for a password appears.

You can try unlocking your login keychain with the password you first used for 
your user account (if you can remember). If you can't, you should use your 
keyring utility (possibly gnome-keyring) to delete your old and create a new 
keyring, using the same password you're currently using as your user account 

But that's why changing user account password doesn't fix it, as well as why 
the privileged password request still works (that's your user password, the 
login keychain is not). And I doubt that this is a configuration issue of 
Opera, unless you can disable its use of the keyring. 

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