On 09/22/2016 03:40 PM, Francis Gerund via arch-general wrote:
> Simon,
> Thank you for your taking the time for your thoughtful, informative
> explanation.
> And thank you for your support service in #archlinux on IRC!
> So - supporting other distributions, or even other installation modalities
> is not "officially" supported.  Okay, fine.
> I never said that anyone MUST support anything.  Please consider this as
> the bottom line:
> 1) If you have the time and knowledge to answer a question or provide other
> support, please do so. And thank you!
> 2) If you do not have the time or knowledge to answer a question or provide
> other support, then don't, but please say so, if you have the time to do
> that.
> 3) Please do not criticize, ridicule, or discourage others from trying to
> answer questions or provide other support, regardless of who is requesting
> help, or how they "got here".
> I really don't think that is too much to ask.

It absolutely, positively is too much to ask. You cannot come to "our"
forums and pollute it with noise that actively detracts from the
usefulness of the forums.

The problem with you, is that you seem to erroneously believe that that
means Arch Linux disapproves of those people getting help at all. Arch
Linux is very supportive of those people getting help *from the
locations best equipped to provide them with help*. Which isn't here.

And it is unconscionably rude to pollute the Arch Linux support
resources with counterproductive noise, therefore people who do so
anyway *deserve* our disdain. If we so chose to be disdainful, which
most Archers actually don't...

Eli Schwartz

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