On 22-09-2016 17:26, Zachary Kline wrote:
> How does one define “third-party installer?” By my reading, the TalkingArch 
> project, which makes the installation process accessible to the visually 
> impaired, could qualify, as it isn’t released by the official Arch 
> maintainers. This would be deeply upsetting to me, as I am only able to use 
> Arch at all thanks to this project.

If I understand correctly, from what the description on the TalkingArch
project webpage says, it is the Arch iso with a few added packages to
help the visually impaired install Arch. I suppose that by this it means
the user is responsible for doing all the steps described in the wiki to
install Arch. I don't see any problem with this.

What I meant before is curses/graphical/one click installers that do
everything automagically. The user will be clueless as to what is
installed and how it is configured, and will waste everyone's time
playing a game of twenty questions to solve a trivial problem when the
solution is many of the times in a wiki page.

Mauro Santos

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