Hi Peter,

On 2016-10-13 08:37:13 (+0200), Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got problems with bluetooth (service does not start), which seem to be
> caused by systemd problems, as several services are "dead".
you might want to check the log output of those services then.

> Output of info --test´ is at https://dpaste.de/LC2h
That's not very helpful (especially now that the formatting is gone) or
specific (enough).

Try (as root):

  systemctl --all --full |grep failed

to see which services failed.

Check their status:

  systemctl status --all --full $name_of_service [ $name_of_service ]

Attach journalctl to the service (in another shell instance), before
trying to restart it:

  journalctl -f -u $name_of_service


  systemctl restart $name_of_service

The above outputs should give you enough information to track down the
problem (hopefully).

> Kind regards
> Peter



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