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On 2016-10-13 12:01:42 (+0200), Peter Nabbefeld wrote:
> > > I've got problems with bluetooth (service does not start), which seem to 
> > > be
> > > caused by systemd problems, as several services are "dead".
> > you might want to check the log output of those services then.
What does bluetooth/bluetoothd service log?
  journalctl -f -u bluetoothd -u bluetooth

Are all dependencies installed to make it run?
Have you read the wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bluetooth ?

> https://dpaste.de/LC2h/raw
You seem to have initialized bluetooth hardware.
The bluetooth/bluetoothd services don't seem to run though.

> No results shown. 
That means, no services have failed.
Why do you think, your bluetooth service has failed?

> Tried with systemctl --all --full |grep "not-found" then,
> gettings these results:
> apparmor.service
> auditd.service
> display-manager.service
> iscsid.service
> plymouth-quit-wait.service
> plymouth-start.service
> syslog.service
Those are pretty irrelevant. What systemd can't find, it won't start.

I'm still a bit unsure, what the exact issue is.



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