Hi Mark,

Yes, we know of Arches users who define "managing" heritage as ongoing 
activities that document the condition of a heritage assets, linking 
documents that describe interventions, and activities that evaluate a 
heritage object with the goal of determining whether it is suitable for 
enhanced protection status. 

We're also starting to look at creating an Arches application that would 
allow organizations to formally track the case work, communications, 
mitigation requirements, and monitoring efforts associated with permit 
applications and how they might impact heritage resources.

Really, Arches has been designed to allow you to define how you want to 
"manage" heritage.  Arches can track the information associated with 
managing heritage, and it will allow you to implement management workflows 
(via Python and Javascript) if you need to implement sophisticated 
management workflows.

Hope this helps,


On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 9:36:41 AM UTC-8, Marc Hernandez wrote:
> I'd like to know about your expierence using Arches to manage heritage 
> (and not only describing and visializing it). What can be done in that 
> "managing" sense? In othwr words, how do heritage experts use Arches  to 
> manage heritge besides docummenting and visualizing buildings? Monotoring? 
> Linking files and interventions? Any examples of managing uses out there? 
> Thank you very much!
> Marc Hernandez
> Barcelona

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