Thanks for including that additional information about AFRH IRIS, Sara. 
Marc, we worked on the team that developed AFRH IRIS, and I now use it on a 
daily basis for management purposes for the federal agency that manages the 
historic campus. We use it as a tool for managing ongoing compliance with 
local and federal regulations for individual capital improvement and 
planning projects on the campus, as well as the central repository for all 
project-related documents. If you want more information about how we 
designed or use the management capabilities, let me know. I can also give 
you an idea of how we use some of the base functionalities from a 
management perspective, such as using the location filter to search for 
known historic resources within project areas, etc.  
You can email me at: 

Carrie Barton

On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 12:36:41 PM UTC-5, Marc Hernandez wrote:
> I'd like to know about your expierence using Arches to manage heritage 
> (and not only describing and visializing it). What can be done in that 
> "managing" sense? In othwr words, how do heritage experts use Arches  to 
> manage heritge besides docummenting and visualizing buildings? Monotoring? 
> Linking files and interventions? Any examples of managing uses out there? 
> Thank you very much!
> Marc Hernandez
> Barcelona

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