My name is Ventsislav Pirinski and I am from the Bulgarian Academy of 
We would like to integrate Arches in bulgarian museums and we are working 
in close collaboration with some museums and heritage institutions. We want 
to show the capabilities of Arches with a sample project. We have working 
implementation of Arches 4.0. 
The project is about type of tombs, dolmens. We have created Resource model 
called "Dolmens" and modified it to suit our needs, but we want to relate 
it to a more general model.
Something like this "Heritage resource model" -> "Archaeological site 
model" -> "Tombs model" -> "Dolmens model".
We want to use a standard like CRM CIDOC for this relation. 
Can this be done natively in Arches?

Also we want to have partial translation in Bulgarian for the reports. We 
know that the sections can not be translated, we are concerned only about 
the translation of the data. What advice would you give me for the 

Best regards,
Vencislav Pirinski

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