In doing this — also keep in mind that we need to eventually get to FedRamp 
capability (or we can’t deploy in the government at all - which may be a big 
customer).   For that there are controls for how the development environment is 

BUT - if that means we need to do things drastically different - lets not worry 
about that now — just do what is expedient — and we will explore that issue 

I only mention it now in case there is something we can easily do now that will 
make FedRamp easier later. 


> On Jul 12, 2018, at 8:23 AM, Tony Atkins <> wrote:
> Hi, All:
> As discussed in last night's GPII architecture meeting, we still have two 
> partially configured GitHub integration plugins installed on 
> <>.  The old is the DVCS plugin built into JIRA.  The 
> new is the GitLab plugin, which the devops team installed for use with their 
> repos.  In the meeting we discussed how this results in issues like GPII-3155 
> <>, where one plugin works, but the 
> other doesn't.
> In looking at the admin control panel, it looks like all we need to do to 
> enable DVCS for issues like GPII-3155 is to create OAuth App credentials for 
> the gpii-ops account on GitHub and then input those details in the DVCS 
> plugin control panel within JIRA.  Once that's done, the same PR and commit 
> visibility as we have for our other repos will be available.
> I don't have great availability today, but I do have good overlap tomorrow 
> and Monday if someone with access to gpii-ops on GitHub is available to pair. 
> Volunteers?
> On the flip side, the new GitHub plugin doesn't work for GPII issues because 
> no one has entered the group account yet.  We could do that, although I'm 
> less impressed with their model, which seems to require storing login details 
> rather than using OAuth App credentials or anything tied to the specific 
> service.  I'd propose leaving that alone for now and reviewing to see if we 
> even need the new GitHub plugin once the DVCS plugin is set up for gpii-ops.
> Cheers,
> Tony
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