Hello Architecture!

As I mentioned on the Architecture call today, this is our email list!  You can 
totally send email to it, and nearly every person on the project will receive a 
copy of it!  Which is great if you need technical details, or an overview of 
something. Whether you’re working the Morphic branded distribution of the GPII, 
or another smaller project or grant that uses some of the GPII libraries, or a 
browser extension that helps us and uses some of the JSON schemas and payloads 
we’ve designed over the last decade, or the Morphic branded C# GUI app for 
modifying a subset of builtin settings and AT, or EVEN that server based 
matchmaker we had a long time ago written in Lua!  In Lua!!! Or even our 
original reference implementation of the GPII in linux that made use of Gnome’s 
excellent built-in accessibility support… which I wouldn’t be surprised if it 
still worked better than our Windows and MacOS implementations given their 
overwhelming and archaic API’s.

Additionally, folks are spread out amongst a large number of chat mediums, but 
I’m pretty sure even person who joins the project in any capacity still signs 
up for this list.

These are crazy times.  People are quarantined, many people on the project are 
giving birth, others are at home with their smaller humans that are similar to 
themselves, and folks hours might be working weird hours, and the vast array of 
IRC, Skype, Slack, XYZed messenger notifications might get lost.  So think 
about perhaps sending an electronic mail if we need to have some longer 
conversations that require multiple paragraphs.  Or even if you just are 
working on something cool.  I will follow-up by sending one shortly.  And kudos 
if you already do post some of your technical details here (Joseph).  The email 
list hasn’t been super active the past couple years, but if you think you might 
miss the person on {Slack|IRC|Skype|Signal} and you’re not sure when you’ll be 
able to schedule a voice meeting, this is a great medium you can use.

This ends my Wednesday Public Service Announcement.

Steve (Hens)
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