Hi Arch,

I’m in the process of building installers for the Capture Tool (part of the 
gpii-app code repo), and wanted to run an overview of issues with our current 
windows installers (based on WiX [1]).  Everything runs pretty slow in my 2gig 
RAM Windows virtual machine, so it wasn’t until the last in person meeting we 
had, that I realized we were having larger than minor issues with it.

In a Nutshell it sounds like the problems are:
        1) It often hangs on uninstall
        2) It takes a long time to run in both directions (install and 
        3) The size of the installer is large, and the resulting install 
directories are quite large (about a gig and a half?)

Am I missing anything?  Our installer isn’t anymore complicated than a standard 
windows “Click Next 4 times” Installer, so I imagine if the above were resolved 
the installer itself would become a non-issue?

I know stegru has already fixed several issues with 1 (though they may not be 
in a public build yet).  As far as 2 and 3, I think some of them are due to us 
being on a very old version of Electron [2] and perhaps needing to dedupe some 
of the node_modules that are being included multiple times. I know Christopher 
has already done the initial research/legwork to get that upgrade rolling.  

Moving forward with doing case studies and beta testing completely remotely, 
I’m hopeful that the above work resolves at least an initial brunt of these 
issues, and then any remaining ones can be triaged separately, such that 
installing/uninstalling in a teamviewer or windows helpdesk thing doesn’t take 
so long.


[1] https://wixtoolset.org/ <https://wixtoolset.org/>
[2] Upgrading which I would suspect automagically fix some of the QSS 
performance issues
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