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With C5, we introduced "ConfigResolver" which enhances the user experience
in changing configuration values. With the previous C4x approach, users had
to know where the configuration files are and to, change several
configuration files to get the product working in some scenarios.

With "ConfigResolver" it allows us to have more frequently changing
configurations in one location "deployment.properties" file.

A product has set of configurations that are needed to be changed in the
deployments and there are some other configurations that we don't change
unless there is a complex situation. Hence, ideally, deployment.properties
file should contain only the configurations that are frequently used and
can add more entries if a requirement arise.

But with the requirements coming in with the "profile" support [1]. we have
to rethink the way config resolver handle the configuration files.

1. We need to enable indexing in API store and publisher, not in other
2. Enabling certain handlers in particular profiles.

At present, there is no configuration to enable/disable these features. We
have to rethink the way we define configurations in features in future. We
have to have a way to enable/disable certain features so that those could
be disabled in certain profiles.

Any idea/questions/clarifications are highly appreciated as it will help to
model the new configurations story in C5.

[1] "Multiple profile support for C5 based products."

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