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> Hi All,
> This is to discuss the security of REST APIs exposed from carbon-auth and
> carbon-apimgt components. We are mainly using OAuth as primary protection
> for the REST APIs and scopes are used as the authorization purposes.
> Currently following APIs are exposed from the components lies in these two
> main repositories.
> *carbon-apimgt*
> Protected APIs with OAuth
> -  /api/am/publisher/v1.0 - Publisher REST APIs
> -  /api/am/store/v1.0  - Store REST APIs
> - /api/am/admin/v1.0 - Admin REST APIs
> - /api/am/analytics/v1.0 - Analytic REST APIs
We have another REST API called core API (/api/am/core/v1.0) which is for
internal server communications. This is planned to secure by mutual ssl.

Thank you!
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