[quote="Cairo, post:4, topic:5259"]
So I wouldn’t say it is closely based on biology, but it has taken lessons to 
try to replicate similar results that are important in what makes intelligence. 
But in very different ways.

I don’t quite agree with your statement. I’ve always said that HTM was closed 
based on biology, and I think it is true. You are right that HTM is not a 
complete similation of neurons in the neocortex. If you want that, there are 
other scientific endeavors attempting that simulation. We’ve never tried to to 
that, because we are trying to understand the _core mechanisms of intelligence 
in the brain_. We’ve always said that if any legitimate experimental evidence 
arises that contradicts HTM theory, we would have to account for it, even if it 
meant changing the theory to accommodate what is really happening in biology.  
Since 7 years I’ve worked here I have not seen that happen (although the 
research team has done this a lot internally before producing papers).

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