Hello all,

I am doing some cleanup in our item level photograph records and have come
across an issue. I am trying to update the titles of some of our items and
I am receiving an error message (please see image attached).

[image: Inline image 1]

My coworker, who is our admin, tried to do it as well but received the same
message. We exported the EAD to make sure there were no duplicate Ref IDs
or component IDs and we confirmed that there were not. I also cleared my
browsing history and cookies just to double check.

Does anyone have any solutions for this error message?

Thanks in advance!

[image: Digital_City_Seal_black.png]

Kayla Skillin

Assistant Archivist

City of Boston Office of the City Clerk
Archives and Records Management Division

617.635.1195 (w)
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