Dear ArchivesSpace members,

As the new chair of the ArchivesSpace Governance Board, I am writing to report 
on the group's 1st Quarter meeting, which was held July 28, 2022.

We heard updates and discussed the following topics:

  *   An operations report which highlighted the membership renewal process and 
progress on recently approved board measures including implementing changes to 
the Educational Program and Community-Wide Training efforts
  *   The continued excellent work of TAC and UAC.  The new chairs are working 
closely on a council handbook and group orientation. These efforts are designed 
to help clarify direction and resources available during council transitions 
and beyond.
  *   The May 27 
 session which was designed to help clarify the governance board's role and 
provide opportunities for members to identify their representatives for further 
engagement.  The board agreed to do this on an annual basis.
  *   Updates on the diversity and equity work being done at member 
institutions and how they could enhance our own equity endeavors
  *   Financial reports, which show that the program's financial position 
continues to be strong
  *   Continuing our efforts to foster program sustainability using the It 
Takes a 
 (ITaV) framework. We have undertaken activities relating to governance and 
will continue to review and refine practices and define benchmarks.

As always, the Board welcomes your feedback. Feel free to reach out directly to 
me or to your elected representative.  I'm pleased to be working with you as 
Governance Board chair this year. I'd like to thank my fellow board members and 
everyone in the ArchivesSpace community for your continued energy and 
commitment to this program. I really appreciate how resilient and responsive 
this community has been and I'm excited to see how we continue to grow.


Annie Benefiel
Chair, ArchivesSpace Governance Board
University Archivist and Digital Collections Librarian
University Libraries
Grand Valley State University
Seidman House
Allendale, MI 49401

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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