Following up on this. And looking for some advice!

Even with the Solr timeout set to 40 minutes, I'm seeing some random Solr 
Timeout errors, though these do NOT cause the indexer to restart. In the latest 
test run I see one Solr Timeout for delete and one for commit - both following 
the PUI indexer run for AOs for the first and largest repo (~630k AOs).

The indexer throws the delete timeout error, waits for a loooong time with 
seemingly no activity, throws the commit timeout error, waits again, and then 
picks back up as if nothing had gone wrong and continues with the initial index 
run. All of the index data looks correct (ie correct number of objects in both 
the staff and PUI).

My theory is that the Solr update phase really is taking a super loooong time, 
but that the data has all been sent to Solr so the timeouts are really just 
ArchivesSpace waiting for Solr in between indexing one object type and the next 
and no index data is lost.

There are no corresponding log entries in the Solr logs that I can find.

I'm running solr 8.11.6 with 4GB and AS 3.3.1 with 4GB. Both bare metal on my 
laptop, so no container issues that might be at play. Solr memory use peaks at 
around 3.5GB.

I've kept the stock thread and records per thread settings and just upped the 
timeout (to 2400). I guess the next step is to set the timeout even higher - 
maybe an hour (3600)? I don't see a reason to run a lower thread or record 
count, but can certainly try that as well, though I'm not looking forward to 
the time it will take (the current run takes 21 hours as it is - up from about 
15 for 3.1.1)

Any advice appreciated!


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Hey all

We're about to jump to v3.3.1 and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions 
for memory allocation for Solr?

Currently we're running 6GB for the entire suite in v3.1.1 and are looking to 
keep the same overall memory footprint. Wondering if something like a 75/25 
split (ie 4GB for AS and 2GB for Solr) would be a reasonable allocation? Or are 
people finding that Solr is more demanding?


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