To debug:
Plug iPhone in
"Trust this computer" message on iPhone, hit "trust"
Check dmesg to see if iPhone is recognized
Run "ifuse /mnt/iphone" and it should mount as the user that ran it (hint: do 
not use sudo or as root).
Use nautilus and hit "CTRL+L" and type "/mnt/iphone" or whatever location you 
Sample dmesg
 [86756.848864] usb 1-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 5 using ehci-pci
 [86757.201438] ipheth 1-1.1:4.2: Apple iPhone USB Ethernet device attached
 [86757.208497] ipheth 1-1.1:4.2 enp0s26u1u1c4i2: renamed from eth0

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