On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 12:46:37 PM Alexander Ross wrote:
> http://rhombus-tech.aross.me/webpagealt/


> I combined to logos people made and also made some little mods of my
> own. i feel quite happy with the outcome :) feedback good to hear, what
> ya would like to do , how ya feel..

I'd just like to point out that I, and perhaps other people (and still some 
systems) have a problem with light text on a darker background.

It might just be my eyes, and I can usually overcome it by selecting the text 
in question, which makes it then appear as a dark text on a light background.

There was, and probably still is one or more real bugs that cause the problem.

I'll try to describe it, in my layman's terms.  It has to do with the function 
that changes the intensity of pixels to make characters look "smoother".  I 
guess there are several instances of a function like that, in different places.

The problem is that, in at least some of those, there was a built-in bias (my 
choice of words--it wasn't an explicit fudge factor or such) such that when 
dark text is rendered on a lighter background, the function works correctly 
(or reasonably well), while when the function is applied to light text on a 
darker background, the function bias tends to make more pixels match the 
background, thus the strokes of the character look thinner (and are thinner, 
because more pixels match the background or closer to the background) than to 
the color of the text.

I'm not even sure where those kind of functions are applied--I guess it is in 
the client computer (the computer ultimately displaying the text for the 
user), and there may be more than one such function on any give client 
computer (for rendering from different apps).

Maybe the problem is in X, and maybe it has been fixed there (or in it's 
successor, which I can't remember the name of).

Anyway, just wanted to point that out for your consideration.

I've tried staring at your page, with the text selected and not selected and I 
definitely have trouble reading it unselected (i.e., light text on dark 
background), but I can't decide whether is it just my eyes or not (I've read 
dark text on light backgrounds a lot).

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