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> On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 12:46:37 PM Alexander Ross wrote:
>> http://rhombus-tech.aross.me/webpagealt/
> ...
>> I combined to logos people made and also made some little mods of my
>> own. i feel quite happy with the outcome :) feedback good to hear, what
>> ya would like to do , how ya feel..
> I'd just like to point out that I, and perhaps other people (and still some 
> systems) have a problem with light text on a darker background.

Re Logo, hmm idk what to do. might i try a darker yellow or something... hmm

Re Webpage background, heh yea im the opposite, i find it harder to read
a white/light background. saying that my email client is set to use
light blue... lately ive been using owl firefox addon[1] for changing
websites themes to a dark one. found it to give me relief from eye
strain :).

I agree the blue text colour has been on my mind, not sure what to
change it too. hmm when i feel like it ill have a play with different
colour schemes.

Maybe it should be a status quo classic light back dark text colour
scheme which people like me use addons to invert the colours. i found it
fun to think: "bold project, bold colour scheme". hehe but ok, ill try
and balance peoples needs.

hmm hmm

interesting to see how owl addon inverts the colours. it uses a light
pink for background! looks not too bad... hmmm

[1]http://owl.sidhant.io/ firefox addon

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