Regarding moderator approval. I ask you to display this email
on the emailing list. Thereby enabling transparency and
ensuring that subscribers get to know my arguments.
Not doing so I will hold against you.

> you seem to believe that you have the right to do whatever you want: you 
> don't.
> every time i have asked you to respect my authority you have ducked
> or ignored the question.

I think you are as happened before exaggerating, and misrepresenting
what previous disputes we have had.
About what follows I have not searched for documentation in previous
posts and emails. Because I am not going to do the

First one.
On another forum I made some critical posts about the pc card
crowdfunding. I did so because it can be
beneficial for the owner of a project to get more angles
on his work and everyone should be scrutinized.
My main critique was including the pc card laptop housing
in a crowdfunding. My point of view was that for a one
person enterprise that would be to big a task. It would
require a frictionless course. It turned out I was right.
No usable parts have been manufactured so far?
Instead I would have concentrated on getting more people
to buy the pc card.
If lkcl wanted to shut me up or not, I do not know.
He could not. It was not his forum.
Lkcl accused me of sabotaging the crowdfunding.
Said I could make the crowdfunding fail.
An undocumented claim and heavily questionable,
which I told him.
Without being obligated to, I told lkcl I would stop
further postings, should he want me to. I had made
my points known.

Second one.
When posting emails on the arm netbook emailing list,
I wanted to keep all previous posts unedited in
my next post. Lkcl told me, that is not how it is done.
And he explained how I should edit posts and
importantly why I should edit. One argument was,
he had to read a high number of emails and edited
posts were time saving for him.
I have to accept that my english writing skills are
limited. My answer to him may have been unclear.
The content of my answering post was, every
email list member should decide for himself
how to edit a post. But I accepted his arguments
about editing posts and told him I would concur.
Then lkcl misread my post. Believing I would not
concur. Therefore lkcl told me, I had to make a
specific declaration about complying to the rules
about posting. Having done nothing wrong and
perceiving lkcl's request as unnecessarily
cornering, I wrote in a post, that he had misread
my post and he could take any action he should
want to. Then I got on the moderation approval
To my knowledge from that point none of my
postings have not complied to rules about posting.
At some point, not on me request, I got off the
moderator list.

Third one.
In a post I mentioned lkcl in third person. I was
not aware it would be a rude action. Because
I am addressing a bunch of people. When lkcl
asked me to not do so, I explained why I had
phrased the sentence like I did. To me the matter
was insignificant. And I saw no reason to alter my
phrasing. It resulted in lkcl escalating the matter
to become relevant for the moderator approval list.
Looking back on lkcl's outbursting tendencies I
did not pay any attention to it. Even more
because lkcl dances with profanities. Which I do

All this in order to show that I do not do
whatever I want. Some times I do not listen.

I mentioned my free speech in a post. It resulted
in several rubbish comments. I was not
referring to any legal system. I wanted to
state my point of view on free speech in
a forum or on an emailing list.

Lkcl, since you are in favor of straightening things
out and not dodge, answer these questions about
your emailing list:

Should your emailing list aspire to grand the
highest level of free speech?
Do you adhere to the principle of equal matters
must be dealt with equally?
Do you adhere to the principle of proportionality?
Because you own this emailing list, you can do
whatever you want. I am not questioning that.
The question is should you do whatever you want?
How you manage your email list tells a tale about
you. If your answer to my 3 questions are no, then I have
misread you as a person and you do not have to
unsubscribe me. I do it myself.

When I wrote 'Has lkcl' you managed to infringe on all
3 principles. There are no strong reasons, other than
your vanity, to prohibit such phrasing. I cannot write
third person. You write profanities, masked or not.
If using third person is an infraction, it is a minor.
Calling in the moderator approval list is an

Part 2.
Lkcl has thrown into the air that I may be
infringing on one or more laws and maybe a license or
certification. I have no overview on this matter.

>  do you, ron wirring, accept that i am the SOLE EXCLUSIVE Copyright
> Holder of the EOMA68 Standard?
> please answer simply yes or no.

I am not going to answer yes or no until I know what
I am answering yes or no to.

First I want to say, I have never read the standards. I have no
idea about the purchase agreement. Which laws apply.
Which certification. Which licenses. The reason is the
pc card is to me no more important than buying a mixer.
If I get a pc card, fine. If not, it was a nice initiative.
Lkcl will probably blame me for this approach. Does
not matter. I am not going to put an effort into getting
knowledgeable on these matters for an item which
may not get shipped and due to what it
In wanting to make the asus eeepc accept pc cards I can
have done a lot of infringements not knowing it. Lkcl
suddenly shouting about trademarks and copyright came
as a surprise to me. 
When this is sorted out, what stands is I have no
intention infringing on anything.
This is my look on it. I have no use for the pc card. Maybe
it can run a freedombox. Then I thought I would like
to have an asus eeepc which accepts pc cards. Lkcl was
firmly against it. Costs could spiral. I appreciated the
warning. The computer could catch fire. An important
warning. But I planned to power it by power supply
and a power bank via usb and not at the same time.
I soon found out the task was to difficult for me. I
stopped further steps. I do not remember any posts
about trademarks, copyright or certification. I
thought getting a pc card was like getting a
raspberry pi. You can use it like you want.
Then one person on this email list said, I think we
can make it. And I restarted the matter. Again lkcl
stated his objections. I noticed lkcl would participate
in making the computer secure. On that I thanked him,
because he already has enough to do.
Now it is about infringements. 
Am I not allowed to make a pc card housing? Is
this what it is about? Then why would you
You demanded to get to approve the battery hardware
setup. On which I agreed. So did picugins, what more
are you asking for?
Can you display the law text in question I am
infringing on?

> also if you do not answer "yes" i will NOT grant you permission, AS
> IS MY RIGHT UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW, to utilise the word "EOMA68" in ANY
> way, shape or form.

I do not have any intention on utilizing the word eoma68.
What exactly are you referring to? That I will put an eoma68
sticker on the computer?
That I may not publish a picture of the computer and a text
saying, this is a computer which accepts eoma68
pc cards? 
Is that it? If so no problem. I will not. Explain what you are
asking for?

You should have anticipated someone would want to
do their own pc card housing. On your website you should
make a page displaying what you can and cannot do in
regards to a pc card housing. It should show what law
texts are into play. Show certifications.

> within 72 hours

We do not know if the pc card gets shipped. We do not
know if the asus eeepc housing will be made. Why not
make it 24 hours?

> Don't make enemies where you don't have to, Luke. I'm just sayin'.

Lkcl is not my enemy. He does not snide. You do not
doubt lkcl goes a long way to achieve his goal. You
know he will not skip his principles. On
communicating however.

> forced to simply unsubscribe you from this list

Why unsubscribe? Can't you disable my option to post?
It would be a less extensive action. The emails are
public in the archive anyway.

> do you wish me to terminate this project

Who here does not understand your
frustration? What does it have to do with
what I am doing?

Next time you are accusing me from nowhere
and misrepresenting what I have done 
previously I will not answer this lengthy.
I will know you are doing it on purpose.

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