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> if specific to one country that would be fine chris.  EOMA68  like
> HDMI and BLE is not intended for one country.  it's global.

Hence why I said "in a local language to the geographic region" where the
intended market is. Obviously there would be more than one of these. Each
manufacturer would be required to write it in eg their own local language,
be that English, Simplified Chinese, some Sanskrit dialect, or whatever. If
they're selling to another region, then THAT region's language takes
precedence -- for example, if a US company wanted to sell to the Tamil
Tigers (which would be problematic, but for other reasons) -- they would
write the words "EOMA68 Certified" in Tamil.

If you want to be extra careful, since English really is something of a
Lingua Franca across the globe at this point, you could require it to be
written TWICE -- once in English and once in the local language.

Again, this isn't rocket science... I really don't understand the
resistance to what is actually a simple and elegant solution that would
cause a minimum of confusion, if any at all...
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