On 02/13/18 12:12, Otto Moerbeek wrote:
On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 05:57:32PM +0100, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

Hello List,

I am trying to install current snapshot on a Raspberry 3 B. I have problems 
setting up the serial communication needed to access the installer. I connected 
the serial pins (6,8,10) to the serial port of my PC and set parameters to 
115200/8N1. But I only see garbage on the screen. While googling for a solution 
I found some hints about the Raspi using bizarre baud rates depending on the 
system clock.

Following is my boot/config.txt with the core_freq line added by me:


Of course I tried different baud rates, but to no avail. I am using minicom on 
a intel PC running Mac OS.

Is this still a known issue? I found no hints about this in the OpenBSD install 
documents for ARM.

Can someone please help?


115200 8N1 works for me. Do you have the a 3.3V serial adapter? That is vital.

See e.g. https://elinux.org/RPi_Serial_Connection#Console_serial_parameters


So... the obvious (to me) question is what happens if you delete the core_freq=250 line from your config.txt and reboot?

are you then able to communicate with the Rpi?

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