Thanks to a helpful suggestion by list member Wei Dai, the armchair list
will now have an archive at:

I'll post more details once it starts working.  It won't be retroactive,
but from now on the world can profit from our collective brilliance. :-)

P.S.  I guess there is a downside to this in terms of list candor, but I
figure it's already public anyway.  If you see things otherwise, let me
know and I'll see if enough people agree.
              Prof. Bryan Caplan           [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

  "Is there anything more distinctly understood by all men, than
   what it is to see, to hear, to remember, to judge?  Yet it is
   the most difficult thing in the world to define these 
   operations according to the rules of logical definition.  But
   it is not more difficult than it is useless.  Sometimes
   philosophers attempt to define them; but, if we examine their
   definitions, we shall find that they amount to no more than
   giving one synonymous word for another, and commonly a worse
   for a better."
      --Thomas Reid, *Essays on the Active Powers of Man*

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