I found the article in the Economist, March 31, 2001 , pp. 20-22
stressing the relationship of  poverty and lack of property rights
(a short but neat summary of De Soto's thesis in his new book The
Mystery of Capital) to be very useful. Good luck.

George Berger

Alex Tabarrok wrote:

> I will be giving a 15-20 minute talk to a bunch of journalists and
> proto-journalists ( most of them are editors of student university
> newspapers) about what economics has to offer journalism.  I am
> interested in the suggestions of list members as to what the most
> important lessons economics has to teach.  I have a number of thoughts
> myself, of course, including
> comparative advantage (veneer of competition hides much cooperation)
> public choice (qui bono? look for the organized exploiting the unorganized)
> tradeoffs/all good are economic goods (e.g. safety)
> amazing economic/business stories that are not told (I have in mind here
> "I Pencil"/"How Paris is Fed" stories about the great complexities of
> modern markets that people take for granted.
> Other ideas?  Thoughts?  Specific examples?
> Alex
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