Why don’t more people give more money to charity?

If you asked someone if they would rather see $50 used to 
feed a child for a month or on another month cable TV (or 
whatever), I can’t imagine someone not saying that the child 
should be fed.  But almost no one gives $50 a month to 
charity and many give that to watch cable television (or 
spend it on other “frivolous” purchases).

Why does this happen?

A few possible reasons:
- The history of charitable money getting into the wrong 
hands has scared people from donating.
- There is some kind of market failure (a la the story of the 
woman being attacked while the whole block watched and no one 
stopping it or calling the police).
- People really don’t care about helping someone else, but 
are ashamed to admit that.
- People just don’t think about donating.

Jason DeBacker

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