I agree that it's more effective to avoid loaded phrases like "capitalism" 
and "socialism."  
"Socialism" has become to the Right of our generation what "laissez-faire" 
became to the left of the 1930s--just a swear-word--and thus generates much more 
heat than light.  I'd also avoid "private enterprise" as that became the 
anti-Communist political correctness of the 1950s, describing the symbiosis of Big 
Government and Big Business.


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>> So what label would you use?
>> Fabio 
>I would avoid using the labels "capitalism" and "socialism".
>Substitutes for capitalism:
>1) private enterprise
>2) free market; free enterprise; pure market
>3) market economy
>4) interventionism
>5) mixed economy
>Substitutes for socialism:
>1) forced redistribution
>2) command economy
>3) government ownership
>4) worker cooperatives; worker ownership of capital
>5) forced collectivism
>Fred Foldvary

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