I'm using FIRMA algorithm, and I would like to use an existing FIRMA model 
(for instance one trained on 50 arrays) on new data (e.g. 2 new arrays).

I am able to train a FIRMA model (and an RMA model) quite easily using the 
doFIRMA (and doRMA) functions, which work quite well.  However, I am not 
sure how I could extract the existing models to calculate FIRMA scores for 
the new data.

To be more specific, I understand that FIRMA has basically 5 steps:

-RMA steps-
1) background correction
2) normalization
3) summarization
-FIRMA steps-
4) calculate residuals from fitting the standard RMA model
5) calculate the FIRMA score.

I know that I could copy all 52 arrays (i.e. the old and the new) into a 
single folder and rerun the RMA / FIRMA algorithms on all data.  However, 
this will become slower (and probably less necessary) as I get more and 
more data.  I understand based on the link below that Step 1 treats each 
array independently, and I imagine that I can use the models (steps 2-4) 
calculated from the 50 old experiments on the 2 new experiments.  However, 
I don't know how to do that.


Can you please help?

Thank you,

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