I just want to add my thanks.
I've been developing Remedy AR System schemas and workflow since 1994 and the 
ARSList has always been my security blanket.
There was always an answer that went far beyond what you could get from 
Remedy/(Evil Bird)/BMC support often times coming from Doug Mueller (Father 
Matthew, Carey, Claire, Gidd, L J, Jason, Joe, Misi, Kelly, Dave, Lenny, Barry, 
Fred, Phil  and Dan are names that will forever hold a place of honor is a 
Diary Field in my head.
Wow I guess I've been living ARSystem far too long.
>From the early Motif days through the First web based interface (cgi_ar) to 
>Push actions (yeah) and check boxes (meh, should have been binary mapped 
>selections in one field), Remedy Web and MidTier I've been able to provide a 
>solution for our organization.
Thank you,
John J. Reiser
Building 760-J202
Remedy AR System Developer
Senior Software Development Analyst
Lockheed Martin - RMS Moorestown Region
The star that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
Pay close attention and be illuminated by its brilliance. - paraphrased by me

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Subject: EXTERNAL: Re: Off Topic - Before the List is Gone! NOTE: Not Gone, 

NOTE: On Friday Sept. 30th the plug will literally be pulled on the Servers 
this version of the list is running on. Please move over to the new home in 
Communities by then.

The ARSlist didn't even start on listserv, it was another messaging software. I 
planned to make it a group on usenet, but the anarchist group in charge spent 9 
months talking about where it should be in the structure (anyone familiar with 
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the marketing team arguing about what do 
people want from the wheel?)

For the past 14 years it has had a home in a machine room in downtown Toronto, 
on Servers I purchased (both replaced once). Those servers from 2009-2013 also 
helped us run the WWRUG events, so I could justify the expense.

Volume on the ARSlist is a quarter of what it was two years ago because the 
vast majority of posters are now on communities.

There is also now the new Developer's site for the Innovation Suite, 

We are all very busy, and there are too many places to go to find things. Now 
communities will get you to the ARSlist too. I have been promised 
non-censorship and non-interference.

So, same discussions, same people if we are all still interested, different 

Note: I am not disappearing either, and I hope none of you do!

The care and feeding of this community has been a highlight of the past 23 
years for me, and through it I have met, electronically and\or physically a 
really great group of people most of whom I think of as friends.

Times change, c'est la vie.

Now I just have to be a part of the Community, not build the platform the 
community lives on.

Cheers Dan
p.s. and yes, I prefer this platform to jive and Communities, it just isn't the 
pragmatic one anymore, and I hope to influence the improvements in Communities 
to meet our needs

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Subject: Re: Off Topic - Before the List is Gone!


I totally reflect the sentiments of all of you. I heard of and started using 
the list a little after about a year or 2 after it was started and since then 
has been the best resource and online community I had the privilege of being a 
part of.. Thank you all and hopefully the BMC Communities will be a similar 
experience once I resume using it..


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Subject: Re: Off Topic - Before the List is Gone!

Thanks Claire.. 2AM.. I think that was me! You knew I would be flying back from 
my assignment in California and would check mail when I got home. Thank God, I 
new the answer!

The community of ITSM professionals is only about 2 degrees of separation for 
anyone. I'm sure we will see you around.

Times really are changing! First ARSlist moving and now I won't be able to make 
Engage this year. It will be the first Remedy included conference I have missed 
in 21 years!

We must all stay in touch. I have spoken LOL

Kelly Deaver
ke...@kellydeaver.com<mailto:kelly.ctr.dea...@faa.gov> (Business mail)
kdea...@kellydeaver.com<mailto:kdea...@kellydeaver.com> (arslist mail)

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Subject: Off Topic - Before the List is Gone!
From: "Sanford, Claire" 
Date: Mon, July 25, 2016 10:52 am
To: arslist@ARSLIST.ORG<mailto:arslist@ARSLIST.ORG>

This list has been one of the most valuable tools during my entire Remedy 
career. We have seen so many ups and downs in  that time period!  Personal and 
professional!  I know there are times I would not have been able to solve a 
problem quickly and accurately without it!

1am?  5am?  2pm?  No problem.  The list and the amazing people that populated 
it were always there for me! Thank you! I will miss the list as much as I will 
miss Remedy.  There are so many people, I'm not going to/can't list them all...

Phil, Dan, Pat, Rick, Michelle, Warren, Teresa, Misi, Doug M, Jarl, Gid, Joe, 
Jason, Doug B., Tauf, Kelly D, Roger, Herb, Roger, LJ, David and on and on and 

On August 29th (that is the planned date) we cut over to SNOW.

I won't be gone yet.  Remedy will still be around for at least a year.  Nothing 
new will be happening.  Just maintenance and archive mode!

Thank you all for being so fantastic!
Claire Sanford
Remedy Admin/Dev 12/1/1998 to sometime in 2016.

_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_
_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_ _ARSlist: "Where 
the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_
_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_

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