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Look at step 9 where it talks about the “Interval” field.  This is the 
condition that fires the active link every xxx seconds.  Then, you can perform 
whatever action you want.   Often, you are looking for something to happen and 
then take action.  Note you may want to record that you have taken action if 
something is on a short interval or the action repeats rapidly.   For example, 
if you have no condition and a 3 second interval and your action is to show a 
message….  A message box will pop up every 3 seconds.   This may be considered 
by some to be annoying…….


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Thanks for confirming Doug. Do you have any resources that I can review to 
learn how to implement this?

On Mar 8, 2018, at 14:17, Mueller, Doug 
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This capability is present in 7.6.04.  It was introduced in 2002 (I know 
because it was introduced for me for an application I was building at the 
time….).  So, it has been there since the mid 5.x releases.

Doug Mueller

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I don't know if 7.6.04 has Interval execute condition for AL's, but I know 8.x 
and 9.x do.

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 11:53 AM, Jared Dean 
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-I'm wondering if there is the capability for a pop-message to run at a 
specific interval out of the box or does this need custom coding. I have the 
pop-up in Active Links and the interval in Escalations. I need to merge the 
Running AR 7.6.04 with customization

J. Dean

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