Historically, of the places Artemis can look for an options file, only two
were available on Windows
(http://bioweb2.pasteur.fr/docs/artemis/art/options-chapt.html) - one
requiring repacking of the artemis.jar file, and the other being to place
the file in the folder containing the artemis.jar file.

When using the Java Web Start version of Artemis on Windows, we can't really
ask users to unpack and repack the artemis.jar file, but we can put an
options.txt file in the Downloads folder that contains the artemis.jnlp file
- this is a little volatile as a solution, though.  On OSX the JWS version
reads my .artemis_options file, happily.

I may have missed it in the documentation, but is there another way to
specify options when using Java Web Start for Artemis on Windows?



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