Thanks – good news that there hopefully won’t be many modifications to work 
with pyarts (although I’m not sure I’m looking forward to having to try and 
work out how to get Python stuff that is fully integrated in ARTS working with 
our systems here if they need packages that aren’t available in our default 

However, I can’t actually get the most recent dev-version of ARTS to build at 
all. Linking fails with a bunch of errors along the lines of
libartscore.a( In function 
`abs_linesWriteSpeciesSplitXML(my_basic_string<char> const&, 
Array<Absorption::Lines> const&, my_basic_string<char> const&, Verbosity 
const&)': undefined reference to `void 
WriteXML<Array<Absorption::Lines> >(my_basic_string<char> const&, 
Array<Absorption::Lines> const&, my_basic_string<char> const&, long const&, 
my_basic_string<char> const&, my_basic_string<char> const&, 
my_basic_string<char> const&, Verbosity const&)'

Any ideas what’s wrong?


From: Richard Larsson <>
Sent: 09 April 2020 14:40
To: Fox, Stuart <>
Subject: Re: [arts-dev] ARTS/Python interfaces

Hi Stuart,

The dev-version of ARTS has full support of the workspace methods of typhon.  
In fact, typhon.arts.workspace is simply pyarts.workspace with some small 
modifications.  So things should work as they have with typhon just making that 
replacement in your imports.  If you use other things from typhon, like setting 
environment data like arts-xml-data paths, I am really not sure how it they 
work in the future.  I hope we can add that to let pyarts handle it 
automatically itself.

I see no reason why typhon should remove the ARTS interface entirely, but they 
will likely want to change so the version of pyarts from ARTS replaces the 
"arts" module when things settle down on the ARTS side.  Especially if the two 
projects start to diverge (e.g., new python features will be added to the 
ARTS-version, and not to typhon).

With hope,

Den tors 9 apr. 2020 kl 14:24 skrev Fox, Stuart 
Hi developers,

I’ve just been working on interfacing some Python code with ARTS (basically 
using ARTS to provide atmospheric radiances for use with the SMRT snow surface 
microwave model). So far my implementation uses the typhon.arts.workspace 
functions for the interfacing, but I notice from the recent history on github 
that there might be some other ARTS/Python work going on at the moment? Does 
this mean that the typhon method will be deprecated soon? Is there any 
info/update on what is going on with ARTS/python interfacing?


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