Dear Simon,

thanks for the summary!

I think I understand more or less how this works now. A bit unfortunate that so much information has to be moved around at the controlfile level. (The copying of grids from one variable to the other, the copying of the scattering data themselves.) Is the idea that you would then in practise store and load directly the ScatteringHabits, in order to make this easier?

On where the Rayleigh scattering fits in: Patrick suggested when we talked yesterday that perhaps a more logical way to think about this is to distinguish between *gases* and *particles*, rather than between *absorption* and *scattering*. (Including Rayleigh scattering with the PND system really does not work, as it turns out, as it depends on pressure.)

Perhaps we should move towards a *gas* / *particle* division in ARTS. That would mean including the Liebe rain absorption in the particle part. It would also affect your nomenclature, since one should then preferably talk about *ParticleSpecies* rather than *ScatteringSpecies*. (And *gas_species* instead of *absorption_species*.)

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On 26 Jan 2021, at 22:10, Simon Pfreundschuh wrote:

Dear Stefan,

I attach the description of the new scattering system that you requested.

I tried to keep it general to avoid getting lost in technicalities. If you have

more specific questions please let me know.

Kind regards,


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Subject: Simon plans for scattering properties

Dear all,

one thing I took home from the developer meeting on Friday is that I
would like to better understand Simon’s plans for the scattering
properties. We need this to make a good decision on how to proceed with
the Rayleigh scattering (incorporate it into the existing scattering
data framework, or make a special case for this analytical scattering
matrix). Simon, can you please summarize your concept briefly?

All the best,


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