Hi arts devs,

I'm currently working on incorporating v3.5 of the MT-CKD continuum into ARTS, 
and have a question relating to the "correct" text encoding for the ARTS source 
The file I'm working on (legacy_continua.cc) has some non-ASCII characters in 
the comments, which I think are mostly things like superscripted numbers. What 
text encoding is used for these? If I open the file in VS Code (which assumes 
it is UTF-8 encoded by default) they show up as unknown characters, and this 
particular editor then changes them when the file is saved which leads to lots 
of undesired diffs. Which encoding should I tell the editor to use for these 
files to avoid this? It looks to me like it's probably one of the "Western" 
encodings, e.g. Windows 1252 or ISO-8859-x , but it would be good to confirm 
which one I should use!


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