Hi Stuart,

The Unix `file` command reports it as ISO-8859. If that doesn't work, send me a 
line number with an example of the broken characters, then I can have a closer 


> On 21 Sep 2021, at 15:02, Fox, Stuart <stuart....@metoffice.gov.uk> wrote:
> Hi arts devs,
> I’m currently working on incorporating v3.5 of the MT-CKD continuum into 
> ARTS, and have a question relating to the “correct” text encoding for the 
> ARTS source files.
> The file I’m working on (legacy_continua.cc) has some non-ASCII characters in 
> the comments, which I think are mostly things like superscripted numbers. 
> What text encoding is used for these? If I open the file in VS Code (which 
> assumes it is UTF-8 encoded by default) they show up as unknown characters, 
> and this particular editor then changes them when the file is saved which 
> leads to lots of undesired diffs. Which encoding should I tell the editor to 
> use for these files to avoid this? It looks to me like it’s probably one of 
> the “Western” encodings, e.g. Windows 1252 or ISO-8859-x , but it would be 
> good to confirm which one I should use!
> Stuart

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